Decleor has created three AROMA FACE RITUALS adapted to your every desire.  Each one is specially tailored to the specific nature of your skin,  inspired by a rare combination of natural active ingredients in the treatments and masks.  Every Decleor facial  begins with an Eastern back massage whereby a highly trained specialist uses pure Aromatherapy oils to massage for lymphatic drainage and for relaxation.  Decleor Rituals provide effectiveness that heightens an exquisite sensation of well-being.


The Relaxing Aromatic Facial.

Longing for a moment of  pure relaxation?  Decleor devotes its own special art of massage to your face.  Let your therapist’s trained fingers soothe and relax your entire face, filling your skin with a new breath of life. A skilled professional, she uses techniques exclusive to Decleor, combining localised gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes.  Get Ready to slip into complete and utter relaxation.The subtle and tactile precision of the massage melds with the powers of our Aromessence, rapidly inducing relaxation with remarkable benefits.  This facial is specialised for your individual requirements.

Invigorated and “restored” from deep within, say goodbye to fatigue, stress and tension.


The Classic Aromatic Facial.

Tempted by the softest sensation of pure performance?  This multi-active, 100% natural treatment is tailored to every skin type.  Your therapist selects products to correct any major imbalances in your skin. At the heart of this treatment is a mask that has a truly unique and surprising texture, with Linseed, Wheat Germ and Sunflower.  It provides dual action.  It stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment, while moisturising and decongesting – making this an indispensable treatment step. Rediscover a revitalised you.  Your major needs are met to perfection and your skin feels soft, smooth and refreshed.


The specific Aromatic Facial

Looking for a treatment with high-precision action?  These targeted treatments provide an expert response to the needs of every skin type.  Even the most demanding skin is satisfied.  Every Aroma Expert treatment offers a concentrate of highly targeted ingredients with powerful properties.  You’ll notice a difference after the very first treatment.  And with regular use, the results are stunning!  For every skin type, there is a complete Aroma programme that you can continue to enjoy at home. Discover an incredible WAY OF BEING through our six face care programmes.  Each one is adapted to the specific nature of your skin.

Choose from the following:


For all skin types, with Neroli flower buds

Blotchy complexion ? Dull, dehydrated skin?

Discover the Decleor technique and the delights of our Essential programme.

This revitalising treatment provides an instant and long term response for thirsty skin, leaving it  perfectly moisturised and infinitely soft.


For combination and oily skin, with Ylang-Ylang flower.

Blemishes?  Clogged complexion?  Longing for matte, balanced skin?

An intensive balancing treatment that immediately leaves your skin clearer, more luminous and refined.  This programme significantly improves the appearance of your skin and leaves it pure, clear and matte.


For dry skin, with Angelica root.

Dry or very Dry skin?  Skin that feels tight?  In need of suppleness and comfort?

This nourishing treatment immediately replenishes lost moisture and reinforces the skins barrier function.  The Nourish programme is a rich and complete “meal” that  leaves it supple and comfortable.


For sensitive skin, with Rose d’Orient petals

Weak or sensitised skin?  Skin that suffers due to changes in climate?

This wonderfully calming treatment brings immediate comfort to stressed skin.  The Soothe programme gives your skin all the tenderness it needs.  Even the most delicate sensitive skin is soothed and feels incredibly soft.


RADIANCE  £48.00

Dark spots?  Dull complexion?  In need of a radiance boost?

Over the years the complexion can become dull and less even due to excessive sun exposure, stress, pregnancy hormones and skin ageing.  Decleor has created Aroma White C+, an innovative and high performance facial and  range of expert skincare products to combat pigmentation, dark spots, and  promote a more even and brighter complexion.

The radiance programme promises you a radiant, luminous complexion!


Decleor Evidence Lift, with Iris rhizomes, first signs in ageing.
Decléor Excellence de l’Age,  with Iris rhizomes, mature skin.

Skin lacking tone, vitality and firmness?  Facial contours losing definition?  Features lacking smoothness?

Decleor have gone to the heart of nature to extract it’s very best.  This incredible treatment leaves the skin visibly glowing, revitalised  and feeling firmer.  The Lift programme strengthens your skin’s defences against time.


VITAL EYES:  £32.00

A unique anti-ageing treatment.
Alleviates facial tension and eye fatigue, relieves headaches, stress and sinus problems, tones, reduces puffiness,bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

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